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sammhain's Journal

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Brian Shaughnessy
19 January
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(r)evolution, 23, 23 current, 5th aeon, a swiftly tilting planet, a wrinkle in time, abnormalities, agape, alchemy, altered states, altered states of consciousness, an acceptable time, anarchism, anarchy, animism, annoying noises, apotheosis, art, austin osman spare, baphomet, biology, brion gysin, butterfly effect, catcher in the rye, chaos, chaos magic, chaos magick, chaos theory, chronomancy, creation, current 144, cut ups, dead chaoists society, debate, discordianism, discovering new things, disinformation, dk, egregores, entheogens, even stevens, evolution, fifth aeon, fractal geometry, fractals, glenn danzig, gnosis, god, grant morrison, gwar, hakim bey, henry rollins, humor, hypercube, inappropriate behavior, invisibles, irony, jack parsons, james joyce, jan fries, julia sets, kairos, lovecraft, madeline l'engle, magical experimentation, magick, magickal systems, making fun of things, mandelbrot set, many waters, mathematics, memory manufacture, memory modification, metaprogramming, misfits, modest mouse, mst3k, mutation, nlp, nostalgia, occult, occultism, oddities, ontological anarchy, overanalyzing, pandaemonaeon, paradigm piracy, philos, philosophy, poking fun, politics, posthumanism, prometheism, punk, punk rock, quantum physics, quotes, reality hacking, religion, rennes le chateau, rhcp, robert anton wilson, samhain, sarcasm, satire, science, semiotics, servitors, shamanism, shock value, sigils, sillyness, subversion, temporary autonomous zones, tesser, tesseract, the bible, the exploited, theology, time quartet, time quintet, william s. burroughs, xylophones

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