Leatherface - Mush

One of the best punk albums of all time. It's one I regularly recommenced for folks looking for an entry point into the genre. It's a shame so many people think of the Sex Pistols when you say the word 'punk' instead of a beautiful album like Mush.

It's the summer until I say so.

When I was younger I loved the summer, then for a period of years and for a lot reasons I really began to hate it. Part of that was direct correlation to specific situations in life, like for me the heat and humidity in Virginia made it hard to be psyched about summer at a time when I had to walk everywhere. Mostly, though it was because I felt like I had lost something in my life that summer used to represent to me. A sense of possibility, a sense of freedom, a youthfulness that transcends chronological age. I really don't think it was until the last couple years that I realized I was getting it back, and not until this summer that I realized that not even the shit that was kind of a drag (my best friend moving away) was able to touch that golden core that jut four years ago, was something I was sure was gone forever.

Anyways, this song right here, for me, pretty much perfectly encapsulates those feels.

(Btw..If you like the Descendents and somehow haven't heard this record or this band, you need to get on that.)



When you were young you were so beautiful. What happened?

Did you change or did I? When did you become this thing? This keepsake? This memento that only clutters my life but which I cannot yet bare to throw away?

It's hard to talk to you, hard to read your words - just- no easy way to express how I don't care...

About your kids or your house, about your spirituality or your job; about how happy you are now that you're finally settling into life. Life isn't a puzzle. There are no hard edges to find, no border that makes the picture easier to put together. Or at least, there doesn't have to be. That jigsaw you've preserved under heavy glass, none of it is you.

Once you were all about how the wave wins in the end. Grinding bodies back into the ocean, back to where we come from.

I miss the you that was metaphor. High pain threshold. Skinned knees. Goddamn you were something special when you were a failure.

Spectacular. Crushing. Always reaching. Overreaching. Wet, aching, bruised, sharp.

And I am sure that there is a lesson here. I am sure that if this were something we could talk about you would say, "Well, people change." Okay. But, change into what?

And what ever happened to just becoming more and more who we are, anyway?


When did you stop being everything and when did you become this thing that only reminds me of how once you were everything?

When you were young you were so beautiful. What happened?

Did you change or did I?

Coming back.

I think I'm going to start spending some time here again. I left for some fairly legitimate reasons, but as I scan over my 'friends page' for the first time in a while I'm pleased that people are actually saying things, even if they aren't things I'm interested in per se thy are fully formed thoughts, not just the barrage of of photos and pseudo memes that my facebook feed has become. We'll see how it goes.

You know who you are

Thank you for making contact. I'd like to catch up too. The plan you detailed would work fine except your security settings do not allow me to send you the information you asked for.

I have no idea if you'll stop back to see this but it seems the only way to get the message to you.

If there's some other way for me to get you that info please leave a comment here.

Hope to speak with you soon.